What I Wore… 5th November 2014

I have transitioned one of my Zara summer dresses into a winter option!!! Go me! And I’ve done it by using my thickest jumper… a navy Fishermans jumper from COS , worn tights and my black boots from New Look. I also had on my scarf and parka from Miss Selfridge which helped a lot.

For hair and makeup I put on mascara and dabbed on a thin coat of Rio Rio Topshop lipstick, twisted to front sections of hair and tied them together at the back.

Is anyone else still trying to get the most out of their summer clothes?

Thanks for Reading xx


I am Breaking Down…

So I’ve had a problem with doing exercise recently. When I came back from Holiday at the end of August I managed to rip my intercostal muscles (the ones in-between your ribs) when picking up my hand luggage to chuck it in the boot! They healed up i.e. stopped hurting when I walked and breathed but they never fully healed I could still feel they weren’t back to normal when I twisted or if I did a jerky/unexpected move and when I go for runs they rip again and its back to square one. This is my third time ripping them and this has definitely been the worst not for pain but for the time they have taken to get to that base healing place.

This time I am swearing off running until I can twist with no pain or stiffness and I have found a couple stretches that will hopefully help me along the way;

It is always worse in the morning, they seem to stiffen up over night and then I have to work them out a bit before they ease up and it’s a manageable awkwardness but since doing these before bed it is sooooo much better in the morning. I’ve also started taking ibuprofen before I go to bed and that seems to have an effect in the morning too. The GP I went to see when I first did it recommended taking ibuprofen to keep the pain at bay and to take down any swelling.

I’ve watched a couple videos now and they say when it first happens you should ice, ice, ice and then once the immediate pain has gone away start heating them up to help the muscles heal which I have totally been doing, thank god I got given that mini hot water bottle for xmas last year!

Anyway fingers crossed I am moving in the right direction and can get back to running soon because, weirdly, I actually miss it.

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What I Wore… 4th November 2014

It is cold!!!! My hands were frozen when I got to the tube this morning but my feet were nice and toasty in my shearing lined Topshop boots and yeh I may be rubbing it in a little seeing as I got soggy, soggy feet in the downpour yesterday! I am wearing boots with my Asos blue jeans, my Topshop black love jumper and my Zara jewel collar white vest.

For hair and makeup I kept it real simple and just put on mascara and Rimmel by Kate Moss 107 lipstick. I took a front section of hair and gave it a gentle twist and then pinned with the short side of the Kirby grip going closest to my head.

I hope you all kept warm too!

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What I Wore… 7th August 2014

I have on my Noisey May jeans bought from Asos, a Zara top thrust upon me by my sister as she no longer wanted it but hates throwing away clothes and now I really love it, its so bright! Plus my H&M flats.

For hair and makeup I tied a plait in my hair, put on mascara and lightly dabbed on Topshop Begulied lipstick.

What do you think maybe a couple stacking bangles with this outfit?

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What I Wore… 6th August 2014

I wore jeans!!!! And my New Look boots! With a Forever 21 flower vest and an Asos nude vest underneath as there are transparent parts between the flowers. It was great in the morning and in my freezing office but I did get a little sticky on the tube and these boots are still a little too high heeled for me they make the soles of my feet burn after I walk home in them. Not cool but I’ll get there.

For hair and makeup I did nothing I’m going swimming later and forgot to get more face wipes so have left off the normal mascara to prevent panda eyes later.

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Decision In Principle

So I have been reading up on mortgages on the HSBC website and having a boyfriend who has gone through it all before I know that getting a decision in principle on what type of mortgage you can get is great for when you are making offers on houses and signing up with estate agents, they always offer their own mortgage services and you need something to compare their offer too, and it makes the buying process a lot quicker.

I went into my nearest HSBC branch at lunch and asked to be booked an appointment with the mortgage advisor to get a decision in principle and luckily I could get a meeting the next day in my lunch hour because I was starting to have nightmares about never being able to get a mortgage being laughed out the branch and so on and wanted to get it over with quickly. I was told to bring any financial paperwork I had and that night I organised everything including three months payslips and three months bank statements and all the ISA paperwork I had etc etc.

Got there the next day and was completely underwhelmed, it wasn’t half as scary or serious as I had made out in my head! The guy was twenty minutes late to start, didn’t ask to see any of the paperwork I had brought and we basically just filled out a questionnaire together… Not exactly my idea of the interrogation to get a decision in principle that I totally expected!

After finding out how much HSBC would be happy to lend me, which was printed off and signed, we then looked at possible mortgages for the house price I wanted and the loan amount I needed. I got printed and signed copies of all these too. They were two years fixed one with fees one without and five years fixed one with fees one without. The ones with fees at the start gets you a better rate and so a lower monthly repayment and the fees amount to roughly …

So after all my worrying it was absolutely fine and I walked out a bit bemused at the casual chat and feeling a little silly about how overworked I’d been about it.

Does anyone else build up situations in their head? Because clearly I definitely do!

Thanks for Reading xx


What I Wore… 8th August 2014

Gasp!!! I have on the same jeans and shoes as yesterday and got told off by my boyfriend for doing so, but I am not a smelly boy so I can totally wear the same things two day in a row! Ppphhhhh! So I have on my Noisey May jeans bought at Asos with my H&M flats and then my River Island top and a basic Asos vest underneath.

This is taken after my lunch time swimming so I did start the day with nicely applied mascara and Topshop Show off Lipstick but this set was done a little hastily and I sooooo need to find a better quick blow dry technique this one is doing nothing for my hair!

Have lovely weekends!

Thanks for Reading xx

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