Spaghetti House!!

I had a lovely end to my week, sorry to brag, I got a Pret A Manger porridge with honey AND jam, got to go watch a general rehearsal at work and then got to try out a new restaurant I have had my eye on for a while. It's called Spaghetti House and it was tasty! It also has a really good menu so I'm looking forward to going back and trying something else. Pictures below!!

The rehearsal was the final dress rehearsal for a mixed ballet, a selection of three completely different, short ballets. We got a classic (Rhapsody) a modern (Tetractys) and one with a storyline (Gloria). I thought they all showed off how incredible ballet dancers are, both the boys and girls, and how much I would hurt myself if I ever tried to do the same stuff! I didn't really understand the modern one, it was a bit too arty for me and the storyline one was good but a bit to short to really convey anything (they are only 30 minutes) it did have some very impressive 3 and 4 person group dances. My favourite was the first one, Rhapsody, and I have read up on it, it was one of Frederick Ashton's last works and was based on two ballet dancers at the time Mikhail Baryshnikov who was a passionate and energetic dancer and Lesley Collier who was graceful and elegant and this definitely came across, the main ballerina was incredible there were some great bits when she first came one and the lights were on her at the back of the stage plus I got to miss a load of work going to this and I get to sound really cultured today! 

On to Spaghetti House! There was a option to get spaghetti for two in a big bowl and I had read online before I went that the portion was very generous, however I was going with a hungry boy and I am not silly so we went for individual portions of spaghetti carbonara (I am the worst I always have to get this dish at any new Italian I try and it is the make or break of whether I like it) and Pizza Calabrese which had every kind of meat possible on it and was "yummy" but I still think I got the better dish. Then dessert, I couldn't decided between sorbet and apple strudel and then got distracted by profiteroles so thats what I got, they were a little disappointing but I bet they would have been incredible heated up so I would recommend asking they come hot, everyone there was so lovely I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem, and the boy got tiramisu which was eaten in about three mouthfuls so must have been good. We both agreed we would definitely go back and in was an easy thumbs up from us.

Forgot to take a photo before we started eating so you know it was good food! 

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New at COS

See new COS items here and here are my favourites;

  1. Textured jacquard skirt - have a look at the close up it is so cool! Could be worn with any kind of shirt from monochrome to neon to contrasting patterns and COS things always last. 
  2. Slim cotton trousers - they look great for work and easy to dress down for the weekends and as they are cotton they would be soooo comfy. With a slim fit and cut to sit on the hips they sound perfect.
  3. Textured jacquard dress - Just cute.
  4. Contrast platform shoes - have a white sole, black heel and grey leather so would pretty much go with Anything. Perhaps a little bit too expensive but if I had to buy a pair of shoes for that amount these are probably the ones that would last both fashion wise and physically.
All pictures from COS.

Thanks for reading xx

Offer on at Office

See offer here 

I'm liking these                                                  And can't decide about these ones?

Let me know what you find.

Thanks for reading xx

What I'm listening to

1. Ed Sheeran and Passenger - No Diggity So. Cool. 

2. Clean Bandit - Rather be upbeat and motivational lyrics with a violin and cello, they also did a good cover in the live lounge.

3. J.Cole and Missy Elliot - Nobody's Perfect love the beat, love Missy Elliot singing and J.cole can rap!  

Thanks for reading xx


New discovery - Shakuhachi

Long ago I signed up to emails from Nasty Gal and normally they send things that are a little bit too short for me but this time they have introduced me to a really cool brand called Shakuhachi.

I particularly love the flower patterned pieces and the origami pieces.

Everything looks so cool and I would totally spend the whole summer in them if I had a couple grand lying around.

All pictures from Nasty Gal.

Thanks for reading xx

The Great Work Bake Off

This year my work has partnered with the charity St. Mungo's to raise money for the homeless. One of their money making schemes was a Great Work Bake Off and the theme was for your cake to be decorated to represent your department. All of the entries were fantastic and tasted amazing. 

Announcing the winner!

Which was of course the sewing themed cake for looking incredible, having a great texture and tasting amazing, according to our judge.

I also got to show off my new Oasis top 

Worn with a cardigan stolen from my mum to keep me warm in the office.

Thanks for reading xx


Plain Jane Jumper

So I have a plain grey jumper that I love because it has a wrap back and its the only jumper I have that is not just a basic old jumper but... it's plain grey and I think I am now realising it might have to be worn with some statement necklaces so I have picked out a couple and please let me know what you think!!

From River Island the gold twist necklace;

From Asos the chevron necklace:

Or from New Look the neon green necklace;

And here is the jumper with nada! 

I'd love to hear any other suggestions!!

All pictures from the individuals websites.

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Copycat Hairstyle

I can not get enough of plaits! I loved this one because it looked like it would be quick to whip up in the morning when I'm half asleep, so this is the hair style I wanted to copy;

And these are my results, bear in mind I took them when I got back from work so they are a little messier than when I started!

I have been reassured the back was a lot neater before! I also don't have as much hair so I went with a half-updo look instead.

I started with a section of hair at the top my head by my parting and twisted it holding it in the direction it would wrap round my head then I grabbed another section of hair just up from my temple and wrapped it round the twist and then put the two sections together and moved onto  another strand and repeated. Once I had used all the hair at the front of my face I twisted the "plait" tight and pinned it with curby grips at the back of my head and did the other side exactly the same but starting off lower down my head. I think it turned out okay, it was really easy and pretty much lasted the whole day which is great for me because I hate fiddily styles.

Thanks for reading xx


Beauty Twos

Tried to get an arty picture but it was too cold to get everything perfect! Sorry! But here are two beauty products I am loving this week. 

The first is a glittery nail varnish by Models Own which I have used like crazy over the christmas new years period and whenever I need a little sparkle! It goes on really easy, looks best with two thin coats and is a nightmare to get off but don't let that put you off it is totally worth it. 

The second is a Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio again this is one I pull out for occasions (last Friday!) it goes on really easy, smells good and doesn't dry my lips out which a lot of lipsticks do. I haven't found a way to make it last a whole night so if anyone has any fool proof tips please let me know!

Thanks for reading xx

Colds are not Cool!

So I woke up on Monday with a nasty cold! Apparently it has been going round the office and has now graced me with it's presence... thanks, thanks a lot. So today I wrapped up (also got told by one lady at my work that I look like I'm about to go skiing, that's a good thing through right?!) 

Also got out the hot water bottle I was given for Christmas to keep me toasty and cold fighting fit! The case was dyed and made by my mum, isn't it cool. 

How are you all doing anyone else in my stereotypical common cold boat?

Thanks for reading xx


My Chocolate Twists!

So ever since watching the Great British Bake Off and hearing about how tricky and time consuming puff pastry is I have wanted to set myself a puff pastry challenge and seeing as how I have suddenly discovered the newly refurbished pastry aisle in my local Tesco and a rivalling, perhaps triumphant, aisle in Sainsburys I was inspired to make a chocolate twist.

I used the puff pastry recipe from Paul Hollywood's recent book but cut down a little on the times, I only left the flour slab in the fridge for two hours at the start and once the butter was rolled in they only rested in the fridge for 30 minutes after each turn.

I have to say I was pretty surprised at how easy it was to complete each step and not get confused along the way I totally expected to get befuddled. I also found that it was a simple recipe and the only downfall is that it is time consuming, I would only be able to fit it in at the weekend, which is such a shame because it is delicious! So here are the chocolate twists, with layers!!!

I tried out two twisting methods and I think the first one looks the best but was also the trickier, for that one I squished the chocolate into the pastry strip and borrowed a glamorous assistant to hold one end while I twisted the other and caught falling chocolate to stuff back in! The second was to roll out the strip a bit more to make it longer put chocolate on half and fold the rest of the pastry strip over and then twist. But in the end who cares! I got some layers in my pastry!!And its chocolate so it all tastes good! Pretty certain these would also be amazing savoury and they only take 15 minutes in the oven!!

I would really really recommend puff pastry and Paul's recipe as it gives you are real cook boost, I was beaming when they actually worked! And I'm going to say it again they are DELICIOUS!!

Thanks for Reading xx


Boots from Debenhams?

So I did find my perfect pair of brown suede lace up shoes but unfortunately somewhere between me paying for them and them being shipped they ran out of my size so now I'm on the hunt again, I've found these in Debenhams, there are two different colours but neither are spot on, what do you think or does anyone have an recommendations? 
Thanks for reading xx
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