What I Wore… 1st August 2014

We are going to see the biggest flat we can afford today and I am soooooo excited. It looks amazing in the pictures and the dimensions make it seem it will live up to expectations. I don’t completely trust pictures anymore they are incredible at angling something to make it look completely different.

For the viewing and for the questionable weather I have gone with my Forever 21 patterned trousers, my Miss Selfridge plain top and my Steve Madden sandals. I even put in a little more effort and put on a necklace! Don’t know if you noticed so I’m pointing it out! It is my Pull and Bear one and I though it would go well with this?

For hair and makeup I used my weekly Pantene 2 minute colour rescue in the shower last night and brushed this morning, put on Rimmel with Kate Moss 107 red lipstick and mascara.

Have a lovely weekend and a fantastic first day of the month!

Thanks for Reading xx


What I Wore … 31st July 2014

I booked a house viewing yesterday for Friday and it was the First of August!!!! August!!!! Christmas is coming people and way too quickly! Today I am wearing the outfit I chickened out on yesterday it is a New Look vest with my Topshop skirt and Steve Madden sandals. I was so hot on the tube yesterday that I think this outfit is actually pretty perfect and I love a floaty skirt makes me feel grown up.

For hair and makeup I took two sections of hair from each side of my parting and twisted then tied then together at the back of my head and pushed the band over on itself. I also put on Rimmel gel eyeliner, mascara and Show Off Topshop lipstick.

Thanks for Reading xx


What I Wore … 30th July 2014

Today I had a last minute wimp out because it looked a little chilly in the morning and instead went with my Asos t-shirt dress with striped socks and my New Look plimsolls, comfy but also very hot. I do always love wearing this dress though and I get compliments on it quite often so that’s nice.

For hair and makeup I left it just brushed and put on mascara and Rio Rio Topshop lipstick.

What do you think necklace with this one?

Thanks for Reading xx


Cookie Monsters!

I’m talking about me and my boyfriend… we can munch a whole tray of cookies with no problem and when you start using this recipe I bet we won’t be the only ones!

I love this recipe I have used it countless times and it never fails except one time where I added a little bit too much salt… but they were okay on the second day when everything had set properly. So please note they are very sensitive to salt don’t add more than it says, don’t make my mistake!

It is the BBC Vintage Cookie recipe. You start off blending the butter and sugar I like to put in the muscovado sugar first and whisk it with a fork to break up all the lumps then whisk in the granulated sugar so that it blends smoothly.

Then I microwave the butter in a separate bowl and add it to the sugar mix and blend away, usually for three minutes but at least two.

I add the vanilla and egg and mix together.

Same with the bicarbonate of soda and flour.

Then comes the fun bit choosing the extras! We threw out the recommended suggestion a long time ago we’ve had mixed fruit, dark chocolate and brazil nut ones, pecan and milk chocolate ones, milk, dark and white chocolate ones! The options are endless but we do always have some chocolate in there. I think dark chocolate is our favourite and we just buy a block rather than the chips and cut it up, then you get some massive pieces and little flakes in the mix it’s delicious.

This time we have gone for pistachio and dark chocolate. Ummm super tasty!

We make them a little larger than the recommendation and so only need two trays making twelve cookies, start off with small dobs then go back and add more to each.

They will spread out while in the oven but if you want them to spread less just chill the dough either before you have placed them on the tray or after, or both! Go crazy!

Done, soooo tasty and sooo easy! We can get a hot plate of cookies ready in 30 minutes now. Oh and trust the timings they will come out squidgy but firm up as they cool. If you like them really squidgy in the middle use the times on the recipe even though the cookies are bigger, if not add on two minutes. If you can try and leave them for five minutes on the trays, they will still be warm when you eat them but come off the tray better and stay together while you munch.

Let me know the combos you try!

Thanks for Reading xx

What I Wore… 5th August 2014

I have gone with my Asos dress, I really wanted to wear it with this thin double wrap studded belt my sister has but couldn’t find it and really had no clue were to start! I also have on my H&M flats and have put my COS jacket on straight away because it is cold in here today! They office air-con is really, unfortunately stepping up a notch.

For hair and makeup I did a waterfall twist, same as a plait but half the effort! I then put on Beguiled Topshop lipstick, Rimmel gel eye liner and mascara.

Thanks for Reading xx


What I Wore… 4th August 2014

Hope you all said white rabbit for luck on the 1st! Today I am wearing my New Look striped dress with tights from M&S and my H&M flats, feels so strange wearing tights! I can’t remember the last time I felt the need to. It was nice with this dress though, it feels a teeny tiny bit too short.

For hair and makeup I left my hair freshly washed and put on Rio Rio Topshop lipstick and mascara.

Thanks for Reading xx


Swimming, I’m back Baby!

I finally got around to getting a Swim only membership with my Better gym its so much better value for money as I would have loved to go twice a week but it was way too expensive and now I can go three! You can also use it at a lot of their other locations, Crystal Palace lido got mentioned!

Plus you only have to give a month notice if you want to cancel so you don’t even have to think that far ahead. Hopefully I won’t get sick of swimming any time soon so that wont matter for a while.

I did it on-line so you didn’t get the additional admin fee and when I went in yesterday just passed over the BET code I was sent in an email and was given my membership card straight back! Now I can just scan and go no waiting around and paying!

So first swim back for a while and it wasn’t half bad. I even went in the fast lane! Its summer holidays now so the kids were out in the slow lane and I think a couple slow people moved over to the medium lane so I risked it and was brave and went for it and I was fine! It was okay I didn’t feel like a snail and I barely needed to overtake, it was amazing, a whole new world and I should get quicker as I get back into it!

So I think I managed 60 lengths in 30 minutes but I lost count a little but I work hard so I’m giving it to myself. Hopefully next time I can keep track and be certain I did 60.

Thanks for Reading xx


Five Guys!

Ages ago I heard about a new branch coming to Covent Garden right after Shake Shack and a similar principle, a big burger chain from America. This one was called Five Guys and the queues even a couple months after it opened were crazy!

It was billed as being a healthy version, all made in house with good quality products, you would have a choice of as many free topping as you wanted and there were free drink refills of 100+ different choices.

After a quick look on their website and a quick look at the queues for the Covent Garden Branch we went to the massive one in Bluewater.

You start of by choosing either a plain, bacon, bacon and cheese or veggie burger then choose which toppings you want, fries and if you are drinking. I went for a bacon burger with, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard.

Got Cajun chips and of course was drinking so got given a cup to fill up at the drink station round the corner.

The guy got a cheese and bacon, of course, with stuff… I forgot to ask at the time what his toppings were and I can’t tell from the picture!

He got plain fries, big mistake! And a cup too.

After ordering you get given a receipt with your number and while you wait to be called can have a play with the drinks machines! There were a crazy number of choices, each category had sub categories and the whole thing was a little overwhelming plus nothing really tasted like it should. We got plain sprite to start, there were many flavour choices, and it came out pink? I then got a refill of lemon fanta and it tasted of something really sweet and unlike the lemon fanta I remember. I think it’s a great concept but I’m not sure how much they pulled it off.

I did manage to select Lemon Fanta in the end!

It was nice, a change and made me feel less guilty about getting fast food but I think I would have just preferred a Burger King. The burger was a little dry and flavourless and I could easily make exactly the same or better at home and the big sell of the drinks didn’t come through nor did the sell of free toppings, a lot are condiments and the rest are vegetables or stuff you normally pick off a burger. The best thing was the Cajun chips they were fantastic and you get so many! We had to take some home and heat them up in the oven later!

All in all I’m not sorry I went but I don’t think I’ll be going again especially in Bluewater when you sit across from a Gourmet Burger and have sooooo much more choice.

Has anyone else been? Do you love it?

Thanks for Reading xx
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