Cookie Monsters!

I’m talking about me and my boyfriend… we can munch a whole tray of cookies with no problem and when you start using this recipe I bet we won’t be the only ones!

I love this recipe I have used it countless times and it never fails except one time where I added a little bit too much salt… but they were okay on the second day when everything had set properly. So please note they are very sensitive to salt don’t add more than it says, don’t make my mistake!

It is the BBC Vintage Cookie recipe. You start off blending the butter and sugar I like to put in the muscovado sugar first and whisk it with a fork to break up all the lumps then whisk in the granulated sugar so that it blends smoothly.

Then I microwave the butter in a separate bowl and add it to the sugar mix and blend away, usually for three minutes but at least two.

I add the vanilla and egg and mix together.

Same with the bicarbonate of soda and flour.

Then comes the fun bit choosing the extras! We threw out the recommended suggestion a long time ago we’ve had mixed fruit, dark chocolate and brazil nut ones, pecan and milk chocolate ones, milk, dark and white chocolate ones! The options are endless but we do always have some chocolate in there. I think dark chocolate is our favourite and we just buy a block rather than the chips and cut it up, then you get some massive pieces and little flakes in the mix it’s delicious.

This time we have gone for pistachio and dark chocolate. Ummm super tasty!

We make them a little larger than the recommendation and so only need two trays making twelve cookies, start off with small dobs then go back and add more to each.

They will spread out while in the oven but if you want them to spread less just chill the dough either before you have placed them on the tray or after, or both! Go crazy!

Done, soooo tasty and sooo easy! We can get a hot plate of cookies ready in 30 minutes now. Oh and trust the timings they will come out squidgy but firm up as they cool. If you like them really squidgy in the middle use the times on the recipe even though the cookies are bigger, if not add on two minutes. If you can try and leave them for five minutes on the trays, they will still be warm when you eat them but come off the tray better and stay together while you munch.

Let me know the combos you try!

Thanks for Reading xx


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