Swimming, I’m back Baby!

I finally got around to getting a Swim only membership with my Better gym its so much better value for money as I would have loved to go twice a week but it was way too expensive and now I can go three! You can also use it at a lot of their other locations, Crystal Palace lido got mentioned!

Plus you only have to give a month notice if you want to cancel so you don’t even have to think that far ahead. Hopefully I won’t get sick of swimming any time soon so that wont matter for a while.

I did it on-line so you didn’t get the additional admin fee and when I went in yesterday just passed over the BET code I was sent in an email and was given my membership card straight back! Now I can just scan and go no waiting around and paying!

So first swim back for a while and it wasn’t half bad. I even went in the fast lane! Its summer holidays now so the kids were out in the slow lane and I think a couple slow people moved over to the medium lane so I risked it and was brave and went for it and I was fine! It was okay I didn’t feel like a snail and I barely needed to overtake, it was amazing, a whole new world and I should get quicker as I get back into it!

So I think I managed 60 lengths in 30 minutes but I lost count a little but I work hard so I’m giving it to myself. Hopefully next time I can keep track and be certain I did 60.

Thanks for Reading xx


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