I am Breaking Down…

So I’ve had a problem with doing exercise recently. When I came back from Holiday at the end of August I managed to rip my intercostal muscles (the ones in-between your ribs) when picking up my hand luggage to chuck it in the boot! They healed up i.e. stopped hurting when I walked and breathed but they never fully healed I could still feel they weren’t back to normal when I twisted or if I did a jerky/unexpected move and when I go for runs they rip again and its back to square one. This is my third time ripping them and this has definitely been the worst not for pain but for the time they have taken to get to that base healing place.

This time I am swearing off running until I can twist with no pain or stiffness and I have found a couple stretches that will hopefully help me along the way;

It is always worse in the morning, they seem to stiffen up over night and then I have to work them out a bit before they ease up and it’s a manageable awkwardness but since doing these before bed it is sooooo much better in the morning. I’ve also started taking ibuprofen before I go to bed and that seems to have an effect in the morning too. The GP I went to see when I first did it recommended taking ibuprofen to keep the pain at bay and to take down any swelling.

I’ve watched a couple videos now and they say when it first happens you should ice, ice, ice and then once the immediate pain has gone away start heating them up to help the muscles heal which I have totally been doing, thank god I got given that mini hot water bottle for xmas last year!

Anyway fingers crossed I am moving in the right direction and can get back to running soon because, weirdly, I actually miss it.

Thanks for Reading xx


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