What I Wore… 26th June 2014

I’ve gone back to flats the boots were a little too much yesterday my feet were roasting by the time I got home so I have my blue plimsolls on today with my t-shirt dress from Oasis, a belt from Urban Outfitters and my H&M blazer.

For hair and makeup I haven’t put in much effort as I am still trying to convince myself to go swimming at lunch I’ve got a bit of mascara on from yesterday and I put on some Show off Topshop lipstick. I also brushed and Babtised my hair this morning And put on some nail varnish last night its from Topshop and called Geography Teacher!  

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30 Day Ab Challenge

So you might have heard I went on holiday recently and as everyone does I wanted to put in a bit of effort before I went to feel a bit more body confident, in a bikini, in public... My stomach has always been my worry zone, I inherited a little pouch from my mum and always feel self conscious when I have to get it out. I found this challenge on Pinterest, they have a load of great blitz tone up challenges, and thought I would give it a go! I didn’t do the full kaboosh but I did push myself and I could feel a difference and it made me a bit happier for the holiday tummy reveal.

Its surprising how quickly your muscles get better, there is a massive jump between days between 9 and 10 for crunches which are the worst! So I started doing a couple of them twice in a row instead of moving on and its incredible how much easier it is doing them the second time round especially the crunches. At the start I could only manage 12 before feeling the burn towards the end I could do 20-30 before I needed a little break. I timed myself one evening and I got all of it done including the dreaded plank in 12 minutes so it goes pretty quickly, you just need a little floor space. I never realised how much stuff we had in our house until I tried to find a little spot to do sit-ups, I eventually ended up in the kitchen with my feet under the fridge!

I loved that it was a challenge as that’s how I get myself to go that little bit further and I definitely saw a difference. I think I’ll bust it out again before my next holiday, that’s right somehow I have managed to get myself on two holidays this year!!!! So excited!!! Let me know if you give it a go!

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Lemon Drizzle Bundt Cake

Ummmm who doesn’t love a good bundt? Because I certainly do and so I made a family favourite in that delicious ring tin recently, Lemon and poppy seed budnt cake with a zest lemon drizzle!

I used this recipe from bbc good food as its so simple and quick its great for after work baking although I do have another recipe that I prefer, gasp! I know! It’s a bit more complex and uses more ingredients that I don’t always have like the Rapeseed oil but it’s actually the lighter version and I find it a lot more moist and fluffy than this regular one so I would really recommend you try it out some time.

First off I microwaved the butter and creamed in the sugar for 3 minutes, I think this is starting to become my catchphrase!

I then started adding eggs and the mixture didn’t actually curdle too much and pretty much went away with a little beating.

It looks incredible after you add the flour so smooth and light and it looks even better with the poppy seeds and lemon zest. I love the smell of lemon I would peel lemon in my house everyday if I could be bothered.

Next steps were to line my bundt tin, I wanted to make sure the cake wouldn’t loose its head at the bottom of the tray! And then pile everything in!! I used my big red spatula to get every last bit out.

After I stuck it in the oven I started on my lemon drizzle, I love to heat mine as it makes it clear and sticky which I prefer so I just bubble it gently for about 4 minutes or until all the white bubbles mainly disappear.

Having let the cake cool and given it a few minutes resting once out of the tin I then cruel stabbed it with a cocktail stick so the drizzle would seep in. The all you have to do is pour over the drizzle and tuck in! I like to drizzle mine slowly so I go over each bit of the cake at least three times. I love how shiny it gets!

Thanks for Reading , let me know which one of the drizzles you try! xx

What I Wore… 25th June 2014

I am officially sick of wearing jeans in summer! I wear them all winter, which you know, and I think I am definitely a dress person when it finally becomes summer. Having said that I am in a Topshop skirt today… It is so comfy and was lovely on the tube, it’s my first time wearing this with bare legs and I love it! I’ve also put on an Asos vest, a neon pink top which I think is from my mum’s old work and my New Look black boots.

For hair and makeup I did a low twist with a front section of hair put on gel eyeliner and Mac Myth lipstick with some Nivea lip gloss moisturiser.

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What I Wore … 24th June 2014

Back from holiday!! It was lovely, ten days of relaxing and sunshine in Madeira , I’m going to do a post soon of my favourite outfits once I’ve got around to washing them but for now I’m enjoying the English sunshine in a new Zara top. It’s really comfy and coped well on the tube in the heat, I’m wearing it with my Asos jeans and H&M blazer and new Kurt Geiger sandals that I got for holiday and I am so pleased with as they didn’t need painfully wearing in at all they were just fine from the start! Think I’ll head out at lunch time and get some sunshine to try and keep my semblance of a tan! Anyone else have to treat getting a tan as a military precision mission?

For hair and makeup I did a backwards French plait and just put on mascara, I’m still on holiday in my head I don’t need makeup up!

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First run Back!

I got back from holiday on Friday and we were still pretending over the weekend so we didn't go for our Saturday run and I couldn't be bothered yesterday but I bribed myself into it today and finally got myself back onto the treadmill. 

I had to wear some unusual attire as I naively packed my exercise stuff and my case is over at my boyfriends as we flew out from an airport nearest him. I also took a before and after photo for you guys and I'm hoping to get some back so I know I'm not the only one who gets tomato face at the end!

It was pretty hard work, I've gone back a couple steps and I should have thought ahead and got some water ready I was gasping, nearly literally... I'm still going with the 20 minutes at 10 challenge. I only managed 15 but I'm not unhappy with that because I really pushed myself and I have had a little break from it and lost some momentum. I got the best back click after I'd got my breath back! 

I came across a really good song for running; David Guetta and Skylar Grey - Shot me Down. Give it a go!

How is everyone else doing, anyone doing outside runs in the sun?

Thanks for Reading xx

Shortbread Kebabs

I love Shortbread. A while ago we got some brought into the office and it was so tasty and crumbly and delicious and it got me hooked, I wanted more! So I made me and my family some with sweet sugar designs on top and some shortbread kebabs inspired by a pinterest I saw for a BBQ.

I'm going to write about both in this post to save all you non-shortbread lovers (who clearly don’t exist) from the boredom.

So I always use this recipe for shortbread, they come out really flaky and just the right touch of sweetness which mainly comes from the sugar on top. It is of course a bbc one and it is definitely a keeper. I would recommend making them quite thick at they dry out and become more biscuit like the thinner you make them.

For my Sweet Sugar Shape Shortbread I was at home and so had plenty of cutters to use I went with a flower shaped one to cut out the shortbread and a star and heart one to sprinkle sugar shapes on top. 

For starters I used my normal trick of microwaving the butter and creamed it together with the sugar for at least 3 minutes.

Then added the flour, I find that the mixture never really comes together until you tip it out onto your counter top and squish it with your hands.  

I then rolled it out using my Joseph and Joseph rolling pin to a 1 cm thick and began cuting out my flowers.

Once I had done as many cuts as I could I centred one of the other cutters on top of the flower and sprinkled on sugar, I think this would look really good with a coloured sugar!

Then I started all over again with my offcuts!

I used a metal spatula, the only time it has ever come in handy, to move the shortbread over to my trays, trust me it is worth this extra step.

Then popped them in the oven for 15 minutes at 170 and ate the finished product with some chopped strawberries, delicious and highly recommended.

For the kebabs I did exactly the same thing except I had to use a champagne glass as a cutter as I was at my boyfriends and I made a hole in the middle of the shortbread disks so they wouldn't break later on. 

Then all that was left was to assemble with chopped strawberry disks and whipped cream!

I think they turned out pretty good. They were a little tricky to eat but it was totally worth it!

Any one else have a soft spot for shortbread and I am totally talking about the shortbread related soft spot around my middle.

Thanks for Reading, let me know if you try out this recipe! xx

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