First run Back!

I got back from holiday on Friday and we were still pretending over the weekend so we didn't go for our Saturday run and I couldn't be bothered yesterday but I bribed myself into it today and finally got myself back onto the treadmill. 

I had to wear some unusual attire as I naively packed my exercise stuff and my case is over at my boyfriends as we flew out from an airport nearest him. I also took a before and after photo for you guys and I'm hoping to get some back so I know I'm not the only one who gets tomato face at the end!

It was pretty hard work, I've gone back a couple steps and I should have thought ahead and got some water ready I was gasping, nearly literally... I'm still going with the 20 minutes at 10 challenge. I only managed 15 but I'm not unhappy with that because I really pushed myself and I have had a little break from it and lost some momentum. I got the best back click after I'd got my breath back! 

I came across a really good song for running; David Guetta and Skylar Grey - Shot me Down. Give it a go!

How is everyone else doing, anyone doing outside runs in the sun?

Thanks for Reading xx


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