Swimming Rain or Shine

So this week as we all know has been miserable but I now see a silver lining to this miserable weather, no sunshine swimmers clogging up the swimming pool! Last week there were way too many people in the lane! I left feeling so annoyed because I could have pushed myself a lot harder but kept getting stuck behind people, this week I was exhausted by the end of the 30 minutes and couldn’t wait to get out the pool.

I have two stories from my sunshine swim the first is not pretty. I was stuck behind three people in my lane with another person always coming down the other side so I couldn’t get past them. After a couple slow lengths I thought screw it! I’m going to be brave and overtake at least one of these people, I came here to swim damn it! So I went for it. I did front crawl and overtook the man in front of me but then I got stuck and had to squeeze past him and another person coming the other way. Apparently I got too close to the man as when he did his breast stoke he touched my boob!!! He touched my boob!!! When you see where your hand is going surely you would stop? At least he didn’t go any lower! Then to make matters worse when I did manage to get into the space in front of him I stopped kicking my legs as I was afraid I would kick him and he got all tangled up in them and wouldn’t give me any space! It just had to be done, it was one of the messiest overtakings I have ever done and I don’t really ever want to repeat it. I might use the miss out half a lane technique next time.

Then the second story is about a lady, a lady who does not like to be overtaken. This lady was doing front crawl, front crawl is tiring especially if you do it constantly so she wasn’t going very fast. I overtook her going down one side of the lane and then right near the start of the next side got stuck behind another slow person as there was no clear path to overtake, but the front crawl lady didn’t think so, she overtook me and the slow person in front of me. When I had space I was able to front crawl past the slow person and then also the front crawl lady later in the lane. Same thing happened though, I got stuck behind a slow person so I was swimming along doing a gentle breast stroke and I accidentally kicked something.. it was front crawl lady!!! Overtaking us both again!!! Guess what happens next, I overtake the slow person then front crawl lady tries her hardest to not be overtaken, I manage to and then look behind when I get to the end of the lane and she has had to stop at the other end! I understand that she has come to swim too and shouldn’t have to stay behind slow people either but I think that you shouldn’t just barge your way through when you don’t have to and that you should go at a pace you can maintain and not be bitter and try and go faster and keep overtaking people that can swim faster than you?

After that fun week I was so happy when it came to Tuesday and it was pouring down, same lane but so much better, regular swimmers don’t mind letting you go! They don’t care what other people are doing, swimming is for you and should be self regulated, push yourself as far as you can go but don’t try and compete with other people. I mean have a race every now and then to see how you’re doing but don’t think you should be able to keep pace with every other swimmer in the pool. I had a great swim session this Tuesday I didn’t leave feeling annoyed, I felt like I had swum as hard as I could and got the most out of that half hour. I was very happy!

Anyone else sometimes wish they could win the lottery so they could have their own private pool?

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