Shortbread Kebabs

I love Shortbread. A while ago we got some brought into the office and it was so tasty and crumbly and delicious and it got me hooked, I wanted more! So I made me and my family some with sweet sugar designs on top and some shortbread kebabs inspired by a pinterest I saw for a BBQ.

I'm going to write about both in this post to save all you non-shortbread lovers (who clearly don’t exist) from the boredom.

So I always use this recipe for shortbread, they come out really flaky and just the right touch of sweetness which mainly comes from the sugar on top. It is of course a bbc one and it is definitely a keeper. I would recommend making them quite thick at they dry out and become more biscuit like the thinner you make them.

For my Sweet Sugar Shape Shortbread I was at home and so had plenty of cutters to use I went with a flower shaped one to cut out the shortbread and a star and heart one to sprinkle sugar shapes on top. 

For starters I used my normal trick of microwaving the butter and creamed it together with the sugar for at least 3 minutes.

Then added the flour, I find that the mixture never really comes together until you tip it out onto your counter top and squish it with your hands.  

I then rolled it out using my Joseph and Joseph rolling pin to a 1 cm thick and began cuting out my flowers.

Once I had done as many cuts as I could I centred one of the other cutters on top of the flower and sprinkled on sugar, I think this would look really good with a coloured sugar!

Then I started all over again with my offcuts!

I used a metal spatula, the only time it has ever come in handy, to move the shortbread over to my trays, trust me it is worth this extra step.

Then popped them in the oven for 15 minutes at 170 and ate the finished product with some chopped strawberries, delicious and highly recommended.

For the kebabs I did exactly the same thing except I had to use a champagne glass as a cutter as I was at my boyfriends and I made a hole in the middle of the shortbread disks so they wouldn't break later on. 

Then all that was left was to assemble with chopped strawberry disks and whipped cream!

I think they turned out pretty good. They were a little tricky to eat but it was totally worth it!

Any one else have a soft spot for shortbread and I am totally talking about the shortbread related soft spot around my middle.

Thanks for Reading, let me know if you try out this recipe! xx


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