Lemon Drizzle Bundt Cake

Ummmm who doesn’t love a good bundt? Because I certainly do and so I made a family favourite in that delicious ring tin recently, Lemon and poppy seed budnt cake with a zest lemon drizzle!

I used this recipe from bbc good food as its so simple and quick its great for after work baking although I do have another recipe that I prefer, gasp! I know! It’s a bit more complex and uses more ingredients that I don’t always have like the Rapeseed oil but it’s actually the lighter version and I find it a lot more moist and fluffy than this regular one so I would really recommend you try it out some time.

First off I microwaved the butter and creamed in the sugar for 3 minutes, I think this is starting to become my catchphrase!

I then started adding eggs and the mixture didn’t actually curdle too much and pretty much went away with a little beating.

It looks incredible after you add the flour so smooth and light and it looks even better with the poppy seeds and lemon zest. I love the smell of lemon I would peel lemon in my house everyday if I could be bothered.

Next steps were to line my bundt tin, I wanted to make sure the cake wouldn’t loose its head at the bottom of the tray! And then pile everything in!! I used my big red spatula to get every last bit out.

After I stuck it in the oven I started on my lemon drizzle, I love to heat mine as it makes it clear and sticky which I prefer so I just bubble it gently for about 4 minutes or until all the white bubbles mainly disappear.

Having let the cake cool and given it a few minutes resting once out of the tin I then cruel stabbed it with a cocktail stick so the drizzle would seep in. The all you have to do is pour over the drizzle and tuck in! I like to drizzle mine slowly so I go over each bit of the cake at least three times. I love how shiny it gets!

Thanks for Reading , let me know which one of the drizzles you try! xx


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