Welcome to Collection!

I have been told that a blog should just be a little piece of you on the internet so that's what I've done, this is a collection of me that I have put on the internet for people to have a read of. I called it Collection because I am made up of a lot of different interests (like everyone) so there is going to be a lot of different things posted on here. I would say if you are into music, fashion or baking then you will definitely find something for you on this blog and I am hoping you will stick with me through the other posts.

I am soon to be 25, a female, working in finance and wanting a little bit of creativity in my life and a space where I can just talk about things that interest me.

I'm hope that I will get a couple readers at some point and being honest I would love to be able to do this full time so I could have flexible hours and get a dog! That is the dream!!

Happy reading and check out the contact me page if you want to get in touch.

All my best Wishes,


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