What I Wore … 24th June 2014

Back from holiday!! It was lovely, ten days of relaxing and sunshine in Madeira , I’m going to do a post soon of my favourite outfits once I’ve got around to washing them but for now I’m enjoying the English sunshine in a new Zara top. It’s really comfy and coped well on the tube in the heat, I’m wearing it with my Asos jeans and H&M blazer and new Kurt Geiger sandals that I got for holiday and I am so pleased with as they didn’t need painfully wearing in at all they were just fine from the start! Think I’ll head out at lunch time and get some sunshine to try and keep my semblance of a tan! Anyone else have to treat getting a tan as a military precision mission?

For hair and makeup I did a backwards French plait and just put on mascara, I’m still on holiday in my head I don’t need makeup up!

Thanks for Reading xx


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