What I Wore… 30th May 2014

I went for a pocket day today and a bit of clashing prints, I’ve got on my forever 21 patterned trousers, my Zara striped top and Zara jacket and then white trainer liners and plimsolls. I feel a bit like I have stepped out of the 50s but its so comfy and how tanned do the white socks make that little bit of leg look!? I think the lighting is also helping a lot with that. Plus I have completely co-ordinated my colours! Can you tell I have a favourite colour?

For hair and makeup I put my hair in pigtails over night to get a little texture into it and then did a spray of dry shampoo along the parting this morning. I’ve put on gel eyeliner which I have been doing with a different method recently to get a thinner line closer to the lashes, I start on the outer corner furthest from the nose and work up to the middle of the eye in short strokes then switch and start from the inner corner and do a long swoop up to the middle, I like it a lot more than how I did it before, it’s a lot more subtle. I also put on mascara and Topshop Rio Rio lipstick.

Looking forward to the weekend?

Thanks for Reading xx


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