Five Guys!

Ages ago I heard about a new branch coming to Covent Garden right after Shake Shack and a similar principle, a big burger chain from America. This one was called Five Guys and the queues even a couple months after it opened were crazy!

It was billed as being a healthy version, all made in house with good quality products, you would have a choice of as many free topping as you wanted and there were free drink refills of 100+ different choices.

After a quick look on their website and a quick look at the queues for the Covent Garden Branch we went to the massive one in Bluewater.

You start of by choosing either a plain, bacon, bacon and cheese or veggie burger then choose which toppings you want, fries and if you are drinking. I went for a bacon burger with, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard.

Got Cajun chips and of course was drinking so got given a cup to fill up at the drink station round the corner.

The guy got a cheese and bacon, of course, with stuff… I forgot to ask at the time what his toppings were and I can’t tell from the picture!

He got plain fries, big mistake! And a cup too.

After ordering you get given a receipt with your number and while you wait to be called can have a play with the drinks machines! There were a crazy number of choices, each category had sub categories and the whole thing was a little overwhelming plus nothing really tasted like it should. We got plain sprite to start, there were many flavour choices, and it came out pink? I then got a refill of lemon fanta and it tasted of something really sweet and unlike the lemon fanta I remember. I think it’s a great concept but I’m not sure how much they pulled it off.

I did manage to select Lemon Fanta in the end!

It was nice, a change and made me feel less guilty about getting fast food but I think I would have just preferred a Burger King. The burger was a little dry and flavourless and I could easily make exactly the same or better at home and the big sell of the drinks didn’t come through nor did the sell of free toppings, a lot are condiments and the rest are vegetables or stuff you normally pick off a burger. The best thing was the Cajun chips they were fantastic and you get so many! We had to take some home and heat them up in the oven later!

All in all I’m not sorry I went but I don’t think I’ll be going again especially in Bluewater when you sit across from a Gourmet Burger and have sooooo much more choice.

Has anyone else been? Do you love it?

Thanks for Reading xx


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