1st Holiday!!!!!

So time has flown! It got pointed out to me that we went on holiday a whole month ago and it feels like I have been at work for ages longer than that! Plus I haven’t told you anything about it in a whole month!

We went to Madeira and stayed at the Pestana Promenade Hotel. It was so lovely we had a gorgeous room and bathroom and a balcony that over looked the pool and the sea.

The pool was massive by the way split into three, a kid’s pool, a cold pool and a heated pool! We never had trouble finding two sun loungers together.

There was a buffet breakfast every morning and loads of good restaurants a couple minutes walk away which is exactly what we wanted after being out in the middle of nowhere last year.

We got some lovely sunshine but it was never baking hot you could still go for walks during the day and not melt and Madeira is amazing so green and colourful there were plants everywhere!

Our day at the beach we climbed a rock!... with the help of steps

Banana Trees!!! They were everywhere, they had allotments with Banana trees and little sheds!

Also Madiera is sooooo cheap and the food is so good if you like fresh fish and lots of it this is the place for you but they are also know for their espetadas which are giant metal kebab sticks with chunks of meat, shrimp or chicken. Bolo do caco a super tasty garlic bread and a fizzy passion fruit juice. We stuffed ourselves a lot! I got to have red snapper, scabbard fish, lemon sole, some delicious tuna steak, scallops and more that I can’t remember now. They aren’t too good at desserts but we did find this one amazing pastry place that had a buy one get one free sale every evening to get rid of pastries! Heaven! They did also have a couple more touristy places one great Italian and a couple pizzerias and chinese that we saw but didn’t try.

We absolutely loved it but we had a couple of bumps, I got food poisoning which I had never had before and was not nice I had the worst stomach ache but it was still easy-ish to find something plain for me to eat although I had lost my trust in the first couple restaurants we went too. Luckily it definitely wasn’t the worst case of food poisoning but Mark got the worst prickly heat! He would be fidgeting all through dinner and it would come back every single day, we had to stick to the cold pool for the last half of the holiday as he found that helped a lot, when I say the heated pool was heated it was about 28 every single day so there was no escape from the heat. They also had an inside pool that was so hot it was like a massive bath!  

We would totally go back again and it would be a great first place to rent a car. I have never done it and I’m not a confident driver but I think I would be okay in Madeira. We would love to go back and see the old town and find some more beaches and obviously eat more food!

Has anyone else been? Do you have any must see things for us to do on out next trip over?

Thanks for Reading xx 


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