Spaghetti House!!

I had a lovely end to my week, sorry to brag, I got a Pret A Manger porridge with honey AND jam, got to go watch a general rehearsal at work and then got to try out a new restaurant I have had my eye on for a while. It's called Spaghetti House and it was tasty! It also has a really good menu so I'm looking forward to going back and trying something else. Pictures below!!

The rehearsal was the final dress rehearsal for a mixed ballet, a selection of three completely different, short ballets. We got a classic (Rhapsody) a modern (Tetractys) and one with a storyline (Gloria). I thought they all showed off how incredible ballet dancers are, both the boys and girls, and how much I would hurt myself if I ever tried to do the same stuff! I didn't really understand the modern one, it was a bit too arty for me and the storyline one was good but a bit to short to really convey anything (they are only 30 minutes) it did have some very impressive 3 and 4 person group dances. My favourite was the first one, Rhapsody, and I have read up on it, it was one of Frederick Ashton's last works and was based on two ballet dancers at the time Mikhail Baryshnikov who was a passionate and energetic dancer and Lesley Collier who was graceful and elegant and this definitely came across, the main ballerina was incredible there were some great bits when she first came one and the lights were on her at the back of the stage plus I got to miss a load of work going to this and I get to sound really cultured today! 

On to Spaghetti House! There was a option to get spaghetti for two in a big bowl and I had read online before I went that the portion was very generous, however I was going with a hungry boy and I am not silly so we went for individual portions of spaghetti carbonara (I am the worst I always have to get this dish at any new Italian I try and it is the make or break of whether I like it) and Pizza Calabrese which had every kind of meat possible on it and was "yummy" but I still think I got the better dish. Then dessert, I couldn't decided between sorbet and apple strudel and then got distracted by profiteroles so thats what I got, they were a little disappointing but I bet they would have been incredible heated up so I would recommend asking they come hot, everyone there was so lovely I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem, and the boy got tiramisu which was eaten in about three mouthfuls so must have been good. We both agreed we would definitely go back and in was an easy thumbs up from us.

Forgot to take a photo before we started eating so you know it was good food! 

Thanks for reading xx


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