New at COS

See new COS items here and here are my favourites;

  1. Textured jacquard skirt - have a look at the close up it is so cool! Could be worn with any kind of shirt from monochrome to neon to contrasting patterns and COS things always last. 
  2. Slim cotton trousers - they look great for work and easy to dress down for the weekends and as they are cotton they would be soooo comfy. With a slim fit and cut to sit on the hips they sound perfect.
  3. Textured jacquard dress - Just cute.
  4. Contrast platform shoes - have a white sole, black heel and grey leather so would pretty much go with Anything. Perhaps a little bit too expensive but if I had to buy a pair of shoes for that amount these are probably the ones that would last both fashion wise and physically.
All pictures from COS.

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