Copycat Hairstyle

I can not get enough of plaits! I loved this one because it looked like it would be quick to whip up in the morning when I'm half asleep, so this is the hair style I wanted to copy;

And these are my results, bear in mind I took them when I got back from work so they are a little messier than when I started!

I have been reassured the back was a lot neater before! I also don't have as much hair so I went with a half-updo look instead.

I started with a section of hair at the top my head by my parting and twisted it holding it in the direction it would wrap round my head then I grabbed another section of hair just up from my temple and wrapped it round the twist and then put the two sections together and moved onto  another strand and repeated. Once I had used all the hair at the front of my face I twisted the "plait" tight and pinned it with curby grips at the back of my head and did the other side exactly the same but starting off lower down my head. I think it turned out okay, it was really easy and pretty much lasted the whole day which is great for me because I hate fiddily styles.

Thanks for reading xx


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