Spotted Easter Lemon Drizzles

I went to a friends fund raising clothes swap this weekend, she is off to India with two friends to do  some good and then go travelling and I got asked to make some baked good for the occasion. 

I used my trusty lemon drizzle recipe from bbc good food. I added some poppy seeds because I love the look of them and I also added some zest into the drizzle and heated it (about 5 minutes of gentle bubbling) as I like the kick and it makes it a bit syrupy and sticky. 

Then I went crazy with my food colourings!! I got them all for Christmas, they are from Wilton, I tried out a couple others and Wilton were definitely my favourite. I diluted my colours with some lemon juice. I went with red, purple,  blue and green. To make I put a teaspoon full of batter into the silicon cake tin (I got it for my birthday and have been way too excited to try it out it!) and then a couple drops of one colour then the batter again then a different colour and repeat! Simples! 

Good tip for this recipe is the curdling one; when adding the egg to the sugar butter mixture if it begin to go lumpy and curdle add a tablespoon of flour and mix to get it back to a smooth constancy then just take out a tablespoon when you measure the full amount of flour in the next step. Also as I was making cupcakes instead of a cake I found I could just dunk the tops of the cupcakes into the drizzle it was so much quicker and the syrup sinks in better!

Everyone love lemon drizzle I have yet to come across someone who doesn't. I also love getting to use lots of colour especially now it is coming to spring and this is a really easy and quick recipe to do. Hope you give it a go!

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