Bumpkin Westfields

The other day we got to go to an incredible little restaurant that just added a new location, its third, to Westfields at Stratford . Bumpkin has stayed true to its roots and offers up British classics like fish and chips and chicken pie but also does British twists on American dishes like the burgers and milkshakes, their version is more of a frappuccino.

The first time I went I got the burger which was delicious, you have to try the guacamole it is incredible and get the chips they are so moreish! However my heart really lay with the baby back ribs. I knew I was going to get messy and I didn’t want to have to be the only caveman at the table so I recruited in my boyfriend and we headed back. You can also get ribs for a starter but we were there for the main course and they came out on a wooden board with two rib racks stacked and a sprig of rosemary on top. I love eating with my hands probably because it’s such a novelty and I definitely got to do that here and get a little messy along the way. The ribs were amazing the meat pulled off cleanly the marinade was flavourful even though it did get a little too sweet towards the end, it maybe needed a touch of mustard and more rosemary to bring that down and make it even more British but I totally wanted another set when I got to the end of mine. Luckily we had both spicy wedges, I was thankful we got offered mayonnaise because they pack a spicy little punch after a couple, and chips, salty, crispy and delicious, to fill me up and prevent me going back for more!

Then just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we ordered dessert! I went for a brownie, it was all that I could squeeze in, and asked for it warm and I was soooo happy I did it came gooey and chocolately and made me ahhhh in appreciation. Next time I’m getting ice cream too! The other side of the table was a dessert heaven, on the menu it offered to wrap up part of it so you could take it home or recommended you share and it disappeared in about 2 minutes, maybe less I was distracted by a brownie. Part came in a Kilner jam jar, similar to a Mason jar, that was filled with brownie, ice cream and caramel sauce and then you had three mini jam doughnuts, with a definite British twist, on the side and it was all so tasty! I am very lucky to have found a guy that doesn’t mind giving me a taste.

So what I have learnt from my two trips to Bumpkin; go with someone you don’t mind getting messy in front of so you can get the ribs, don’t get the milkshakes somethings are better American, always get chips and order the biggest dessert on the menu because it is all delicious. Oh and get ready to go back again because there is so much stuff to try, next time I think I am going to have to try out a pie.

Pictures below!

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