Pilates Saturday

So as I m still sick I have managed to wiggle out of going for a run this weekend and instead we went back to pilates. I still haven't decided whether I like pilates I think its a bit too much hard work to really like but I'm sure the results will get be back doing pilates again. We have found a great youtube channel with loads of different pilates classes and we just plug the laptop into the TV and let the misery begin. The channel is run by Cassey Ho and I have no idea how she keeps that smile on through the whole video or is so bendy but she is very motivational and they are short videos so I can just about make it through one and then get a little break before I try and make it through another. 

This weekend we went for the 'Total Body Pilates Workout with Ana Caban & Blogilates' 
which had a good bum move and a easy but effective triceps move. 

We then followed it up with a 'Crazy Core Workout - Intense!' which was intense and 
my tummy does hurt the day after and made me look like this;

Sad grumpy face.

Thanks for reading xx


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