The Hard Swim

This is the last time I am leaving swimming to a Friday it’s soooo hard to talk myself into doing it and I swear I was subconsciously trying to drown myself this session. I missed out the warm up because I wanted to be super quick to make a faster train because I was carrying precious cargo, it was my boyfriend’s birthday on bank holiday Monday!!!!! And I had made him some pistachio ice cream and I had to try and get it back to his without it melting. So I left it in the office in the fridge-freezer and picked it up after my horrible swimming and then rushed all the way home AND managed to sneak it and his presents past him to a safe hiding place in the freezer and the spare room. So what started out as a tough evening ended pretty well!

For my swim I did 45 minutes hard swimming, a lot of accidental drinking and swimmer dodging. Any one else have a hard session out of the blue sometimes?

Thanks for Reading xx


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