What I Wore… 22nd April 2014

So it is meant to be 18 today, fingers crossed and I have gone with light weight garments that still offer some cover for when it’s a bit chilly in the morning, I feel like a bit of a weather worshipper at the moment I do whatever the weather tells me!

I have gone with my patterned Forever 21 trousers, I need to get another pair so I can stop wearing these all the time! My COS black t-shirt. My H&M blazer and my New Look brown suede boots. Hopefully it will hit 18 and I won’t melt on the tube later and can enjoy a lovely sunny walk home!

For hair and make-up I saw a thing ages ago can’t remember where or when but it was about making a plait just knotting your hair, literally getting two pieces and tying them in a knot! So I though I would try that out today instead of a boring old plait. I kinda like it I think I can get the first one to lie a bit better next time but I did three knots then twisted the two strands at the end used a small elastic band and a hair slide to secure and it was done! So quick and easy!

I gone for a bit of colour on my lips with Show off from Topshop which is the one I can’t find any more but looks suspiciously like macaroon! Then just mascara!

Thanks for Reading xx


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