What I Wore… 19th May 2014

I didn’t want to go over board today and jinx the summery weather so I kept it cool, casual, pressure free on the sunshine with my Topshop blue dress, can’t wait to wear this in proper summer with sandals, my COS Fishermans jumper, tights from M&S and my New Look suede boots. I am still addicted to Argus the heath app and I raised my step goal to 9,000 so I had to make sure to bring my phone everywhere! I felt pretty silly taking it to the toilet with me and on photocopier trips but they are good steps! And every little helps!!!!

For hair I took a front section of hair and divided into two and then wound around each other and pinned. Very simple and quick and kept the hair out of my face in the hot weather.

Thanks for Reading xx


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