Alternative Retro Fridge Freezer

I Love Smeg. I always have. But they are expensive and I can't justify spending that kind of money for the outside of a fridge that doesn't even look that well organised inside but maybe I'm wrong about that, please please please don't say I'm wrong I'll want one even more!

Anyway I have found an alternate - Swan. Their retro range is very retro and you don't seem to loose any of the organisation from the inside. I love all the colour choices even the bright orange as I feel like it really adds to the unique retro style. I do need a little help though for when I, fingers crossed, eventually find a house I can afford to buy, which size is best the top mounted or the big guy?

Take a look! Pictures sourced from www.swan-brand.co.uk. The is also a good video review on ao.com.

Thanks for Reading xx


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