For some reason Pancake day is the only holiday my parents actually get excited about, Christmas lunch they can take or leave but we have never once not gone all out for pancake day, they aren't even religious, they don't even give up anything for lent! This year however is a little different they are away in Australia visiting my sister and so I had to go all out for pancake day without them but I think I did a pretty good job and I get to have another one when they get back! Win-win!! 

I can't remember how I learnt this but I always use this ratio for pancake batter; for every 1 egg you need 3 tablespoons of flour. What's great about this is it gets to a very doughy paste which means you don't have to waste time sieving you can just bung the flour straight in. Then all that's left to do is add milk to your personal taste, more watery more like a French crepe less watery more American but if you want to get it properly American use self-raising instead of plain flour and add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and they'll fluff up nicely.

We do both sweet and savoury. For savoury we create a selection of things to add in like bacon, shredded chicken, sweetcorn, mushrooms, basically anything you like, chuck them in the pan to warm them up and then ladle the batter on top so it becomes like an omelette. Cook as normal! 

I also make a cheese sauce with tuna and sweetcorn because it is so filling and delicious!

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