First Try Macaroons

I have lost count of the amount of times I have been asked by my boyfriend to make macaroons and I am blaming the Great British Bake Off. They make them look so tasty! Also he is a sucker for something sweet that he hasn't tried yet. Personally I don't get them I prefer the coconut ones but they were fun to make and they do always look incredible with their bright colours. 

I used this recipe and also watched this video before I started again because of GBBO, they made me a little nervous to attempt them. It was a spur of the moment decision to make them so I didn't actually have any of the filling ingredients at home but the boyfriend sandwiched them together with ice cream when I brought them over and he also thought they would be really tasty with peanut butter? I'm definitely leaving it to him to test that one! 

I thought the recipe was great, really simple and having watched the video easy to follow. You need to make sure that they have been cooked long enough as otherwise they stick to the greaseproof paper, I lost a couple good ones to that! Also the meringue is crazy sticky so I would have a clean sink you can chuck used utensils in.

Apart from that I was surprised at how well it went and I would recommend it if you want to impress people but don't want to buy a load of ingredients or do anything too fiddly. I did a little research on creative macaroons and found this blog they are soooo cute and some are very detailedhttp://almostalwayshungry.wordpress.com/category/macaroons-2/ 

Thanks for reading xx


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