Chelsea Buns!!

Last Saturday I made myself some Chelsea bun minus the icing, I followed a Paul Hollywood recipe from the bbc website and I think they turned out pretty well.

I topped them with a lot of jam which I wanted to get really sticky but I think I laid it on a bit too thick, it was my mum’s homemade apple jam so I don’t feel too bad about that! Instead of the fruit suggested I got a big bad of mixed fruit which had the ones recommended and also a couple extra. I loved putting orange zest into the filling it added a needed kick.

I think next time I would add extra cinnamon or add extra sugar and cinnamon and make a paste with the melted butter and spread that on the dough, I wanted to taste and see it a bit more than I did.

Overall though it’s definitely a recipe worth keeping and they were pretty easy to eat too, I thought that dried fruit would go everywhere!

Thanks for Reading xx


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