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I am sooooo happy for spring to be here but I am sooooo not prepare for if the weather does cheer up a little. I have no idea what happens to my clothes but they seem to disappear after a year or have just been worn as winter stuff for so long I can’t imagine them any way else. Either one I think now is a good time to get prepared and sort myself out with a spring wardrobe. 

I want a spring with lots of flats because I am sick of writing and wearing my Topshop black boots and I want them to be colourful! I love ripped jeans, they are on the top of my spring hit list, cute t-shirts, Chanel like tweet jackets and oversized blazers. I want bright, statement and also girly, floral dresses, patterned trousers and pastel jumpers to wear underneath jackets. I’m not going to get carried away with the sunshine so I am also planning to get some cheery scarves and casual hats to keep me warm. 

Trying to keep all those in my head I did an Asos spring edit, my choices below!

Also found a funny article on the BBC about when spring actually starts. It has definitely sprung by now don’t worry.

All pictures sourced from asos.com

Thanks for Reading xx

ASOS SALON Seamed Skater In Bright Lace Dress £85.00
ASOS Boyfriend T-Shirt with Les Fleurs Print £14.00

Oysho Printed Beach Dress £25.99

ASOS Mix Knit Snood £20.00

ASOS Blazer in Boucle With Waterfall £35.00

Sister Jane Wool Biker Jacket £89.00

Noisy May Kim Boyfriend Jeans £55.00

ASOS Jumper In Stripe With Heart Patch £22.00

ASOS Jumper In Ripple Stitch £32.00 

ASOS LEWIS Flat Shoes £32.00

ASOS LAZY BONES Ballet Flats £22.00


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