Saturday Dogs

Last Saturday we got invited to go to see the dogs at Crayford, for £8 you can sit up in the balcony bar to watch the whole thing in the warmth and you get a full English breakfast, you’ll have to imagine it I’m afraid I didn’t think about taking a picture until it was all in my belly, it was delicious by the way, exceptional hash browns!

It went from 11 to 2.30 with 14 races. You got a booklet when you sat down with the race information laid out, the dogs, their previous times, owners, what races they have done before and most importantly their names, you can totally pick a winner by their name… I am a horrendous better so I let other people take the lead and kept hold of my shrapnel.  We had a couple wins and a lot more losses but it was fun to watch and pretty addictive you definitely start to try and find a lucky routine.

It was great to see how happy the dogs were at the end when they get to catch the rabbit and I had lots of fun trying to get a good action photo. Both an easy way to win and lose money but a nice way to spend a Saturday morning especially with the sun out and when you get a cooked breakfast thrown in! Pictures below

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