Homemade Pizza

Last weekend I really, really fancied pizza and seeing as how I haven’t made any bread for ages we decided to make our own! 

We found this dough recipe on bbc and didn’t change a thing, it was so easy and came out light but crispy at the edges. It was meant to make six but I just divided it into four and it was a very healthy portion. After dividing I rolled out each piece with a rolling pin to half a centimetre thickness and then chucked them on the baking tray. I did them square so we could fit all four on the tray and in the oven at once.

While I was working on the base the toppings were being prepared on the other side of the kitchen. For the tomato sauce some chopped tomatoes got mixed with some fresh thyme and parsley that I had left out from my creating herb and oil ice cubes experiment. Then for the real toppings garlic and onion started off in the frying pan first then sausages, frankfurters, chorizo and lastly some smoked paprika was sprinkled on.

I spread a thin layer of the tomato sauce on to each slab of dough then we divided the toppings on to each and spread them out and sprinkled over grated cheese. The oven was on at 200 and they took around 15-20 minutes. Ours took a little longer as we had to turn the pizzas around to get the other side brown as they overlapped slightly in the middle of the tray.

I would really recommend this recipe, it was fun, you got to make your own toppings and it felt a lot better for you than normal pizzas! You need to plan ahead a little as the dough does need proving time but the rest is really quick and they take nearly no time in the oven. Plus they are a crowd pleaser and make up feel very good about your baking skills!

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Thanks for Reading xx  


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