My Second Successful Swim!

I think I am going to have to use these posts as motivation to keep going swimming. I hope that you will call me up on it if I don’t post one each week, I need all the guilting I can get! 

I managed to do five more minutes serious swimming but was ready to collapse in a heap when I got out. At the gym I go to we have steps down to the changing room and I have to cling to the rail once I've been swimming but then I get to go have a lovely warm shower!

I may have to also use these posts as a little crazy swimmers rant space because I am coming across some frustrating people. I wish the people coming were more regular so we all got used to how each other swam and could get out the way etc and I just want to say if you can only do two lengths at a time of a slow breast stroke you should not be in the medium lane even if your girlfriend is in the fast lane and it means you won’t be able to chat at the ends.

Thanks for Reading and wish me luck for next week xx

Oh and check out the sunshine even after coming home late 


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