Saturday's Blueberry Muffins

I felt like getting a little fruit in my dessert this weekend and immediately thought of blueberry muffins! I used this Paul Hollywood recipe from bbc good food. I also added some lemon zest and some dedicated coconut and it was all very tasty... except for the blueberries!

They just didn't really taste of anything. I've recently got into dried fruit, I love dried cranberries and also noticed that they do dried blueberries and the cranberries are always really flavourful so maybe it's the same for the blueberries? They do recommend using them in baking and anything would be better than the actual blueberries, are they out of season at the moment? 

I didn't put my batter in the fridge I also just mixed everything into the batter instead of studding on top. I put my fan oven on 160 and they took 15 minutes. I also divided them up into 12 cases so they were a little smaller but made me feel better about myself when I had two in a row because they're only little! 

I loved the lemon zest addition but I can't get enough of lemon in general and the desiccated coconut added a lovely bit of texture. 

I don't think I would use this recipe again, the first Paul Hollywood recipe to fail me! But I do want to try this hairy bikers one

Thanks for Reading xx

My new metal bowl that came with my new scales!


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