Sunday Weights

I am really getting into weights, I feel like I put more effort in every session and when I do it right it is an all body workout i.e. I need to tense my core when I do different moves.

This Sunday I added in a new move I found on pinterest, it was ideas for what to do with a kettle bell but I successfully managed to adapt it (another great thing about weights). You had to start standing with your weight held out 90 degrees to the floor with a straight arm then go to a lunge and pass the weight under your leg to the opposite arm and finish as you started but on the opposite side. I found it easiest to keep to the same leg lunging as I have very bad balance so I did 10 one side and 10 the other and then after a little break did another set.

I thought it was great as it worked your legs, bum, arms and core. It made you hold the lunge and get into a good position as you had to pass the weight under your leg. It definitely got me warmed up and I might up it to 12 reps each leg next time as I think I can push it a bit more!

Thanks for Reading xx
Weight I used instead of a kettle bell

Other weights I used for the rest of my session

Weight I do not used just spend time taking off!


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