Birthday Cake

So I ran through a couple birthday dessert ideas I really wanted to do cookie dough cupcakes with swirls of vanilla and chocolate buttercream and lots of sprinkles but logistics stopped me and I moved on to cakes instead. I have a tried a tested crowd pleaser which is lemon drizzle it is so easy to make and so tasty but I wanted to do something a little more impressive looks-wise. 

Then I saw, on the i am baker blog, a green ombre cake and it got me thinking I had red gel dye, I had some cherry jam and I had everything else I needed for a Victoria sponge. 

I loosely followed this bbc recipe for the sponge because I have the memory of a goldfish and completely forgot my scales weren't working so I had to use the cup trick again. Then once I had made the cake batter I followed i am baker and separated the batter into three bowls and a cake tin as I wanted one plain. I added less and less food dye to the three bowls and mixed the colour through and baked all the cakes, I even put in the extra effort and cut out some greaseproof paper for the bottoms of the tins! 

Once baked I let them cool and made my butter icing using the same 1:2 butter to icing sugar recipe, this time 200g butter so 400g icing sugar. Once this was done and the cakes were definitely cool I started layering. First butter icing then cherry jam then a sprinkle of desiccated coconut and repeat! I tried to do thin layers as I was doing four of them and didn't want anything to overpower but I think I should have used a bit more jam. Once stacked I covered the whole thing in the rest of the butter icing and added the sprinkles on top and ta-da my birthday cake! Pictures below.

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