I got surprised on my birthday with a meal out! I literally had no idea I just got swooped off when I thought we were about to get on a train and go home, I got a couple ahhhs when I told people about that.

So I love Mexicans, I am always on the look out for new ones as I have yet to find that perfect, perhaps non-existent, Mexican and knowing that, after doing some research on the area I work, I got taken to the best of the bunch; Lupitas. It. Was. Incredible. I loved it sooo much there were loads of choices, it was quick and unlike so many other Mexicans as it was fresh and not ladled with cheese, tomato sauce and oil. The kitchen is right in the middle of the restaurant and you can sit and eat on the bar around it and watch them work which we though was very cool but were still happy with our window seat. It got busy really quickly and there were a couple of families with young kids which I though was interesting, I can’t tell if it’s a good thing or what it says about Lupitas as they didn’t have a kids menu. We got a starter, main and dessert and came away comfortably filled instead of wanting to roll home which again was lovely. The only thing I would say is that sometimes they go a little weak on the spice and flavour and just rely on the natural flavour of things which could be a good or bad thing depending of what kind of Mexican you feel like.

For our starter we got totopos lupita with steak, refried beans, guacamole and a chunky fresh salsa, the only way I like it so I was very happy. It came with what looked like homemade crisps to dip in and was very tasty, although we went back to it after our mains and it didn’t taste as good, I think our mains were too flavourful to go back! For the mains I got soft tacos with pork chicharron, chorizo and steak all with a little bit of cheese, some crunchy bits, guacamole and veg. I loved it! I immediately wanted to look up the recipe because I thought it was fantastic! I would have it again in a heartbeat also it didn’t look too big when it came out but it did fill me up I was very surprised. My boyfriend got the steak burrito which was lovely and 'tomato-ey' and very creamy, I missed the black or pinto beans but he said it was very tasty. The extra of chipotle mayonnaise was a little disappointing it was very weak and wasn’t like smoky chipotle at all. So after all that we still had a little room for dessert (duh!) I went with the classic churros with chocolate they came sprinkled with cinnamon sugar which added a lovely dimension and the churros where crispy on the outside and a little chewy in the middle, delicious. The other choice was chocolate cake which was gluten free and like a rich torte with a big squiggle of chocolate sauce on top it was also delicious but I think I made the best choice! Oh and I got fresh lemonade and he only got coke so I definitely picked the best out of our meals.  

One note I will make do NOT get the salsa guajillo it is not tasty, if you do want to try it ask for it on the side and let me know what you think!

Thanks for Reading xx


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