Birthday Desk

Today is my Birthday!!! It is also St. Patricks day so I hope you all have a lovely St. Patricks day today! I am 25, eek! It started pretty well with a sunny morning, my birthday cake offering was looking good and made it to the office in one piece (see birthday cake post, it should be nearby!) and then it went a little rocky, the lady in charge of birthdays in our office had been told the wrong date for my birthday, they thought they had till June! They did, however, pull it together spectacularly and when I popped out to get lunch I came back to a beautifully decorated birthday desk which made me very happy. I got flowers, a card, celebrations and some sequins! Made turning 25 just a little bit easier. They flowers were so photogenic I may have got a little snap happy so sorry bout that! Pictures below!!!

Hope you had a lovely Monday!

Thanks for Reading xx


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