Peanut Butter Salted Caramel Cupcakes

I love peanut butter and try and add it into recipes all the time but it always takes over every other flavour so this time I fully committed and found a meant for peanut butter recipe, peanut butter cupcakes! 

I used a recipe from Bake Then Eat and then I thought why not make them into a sort of Reece’s cup cupcake so I was going to smother them in caramel and cover that with milk chocolate but I got told to step away from the cupcakes before I could add the chocolate, apparently it would be to fatty blah, blah, blah but they are seriously tasty even without chocolate! 

I used the caramel method from this recipe (I have also done this whole recipe before and it is delicious too), I would recommend bubbling for a little longer, maybe 2 minutes more than it says just to make it a bit thicker and I definitely used more than ½ a teaspoon of salt but I do like my food salty so taste as you add. 

I had got out all my ingredients and then discovered that my scales weren’t working so it was very lucky there was a cup conversion but my measurements were still probably a little off. For the peanut butter addition I estimated and then went by taste and it tastes fantastic with dark brown sugar. I think I could have done with a bit more butter or milk because mine came out a little dry but they had a lovely crispy top and they are quite a bit smaller than the ones in the blog so maybe that dried them out but  they only needed 12 minutes in the oven! 

They got an easy thumbs up from us and if you like peanut butter this one is for you and I bet it would be incredible with the peanut butter frosting.

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