Ready to Wear Fall 2014!!!! Burberry

So normally I'm not a big fan of Burberry they definitely lost me with the futuristic, metallic, PVC collection and I hadn't been back since but I loved this one. The relaxed not quite boho style, the scarves, the colour palate and the printed macs. Inspired by the Bloomsbury Group, a group of English writers, artists and intellects brought together at the start of the 1900s by their united belief in the importance of the arts, they ignored most Victorian conventions and social etiquette and became much more informal and self-indulgent but still kept their sophistication, even if they had complex geometric figure love shapes instead of just the plain old triangle. Bailey used the Bloomsbury Group to inspire the prints as well as the model styling basing it on how a muse would just throw on a scarf or coat before they went outside. 

All pictures sourced from style.com

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