Brownie Cupcakes!

I really fancied a chocolate fix and thought the best way to deal with that would be to make some brownies but I had also come across some sweet cupcake cases from Dr Oetker in the supermarket so I came up with the plan for cupcake brownies! I know, I am a total genius you don’t need to say it…

I used a Hummingbird recipe for the brownies from their book which is pretty much the only bakery book I have bought because I am a massive BBC Good Food fan as you may have been able to tell? I also added in some orange zest and chocolate chips which pretty much melted instantly so they were a bit pointless but the white chocolate added a nice swirl on some. The recipe was really easy to follow and quick to do, it made 24 cupcakes and I cooked them for 20 minutes.

For the frosting I kept with the orange theme and added orange zest and juice to plain vanilla butter icing and did a piped splodge on top of each cupcake. I then garnished them with a piece of dried orange from my bag of mixed dried fruit.

The brownies only came out of their cases cleanly once they had thoroughly cooled so I would suggest making them the day before they need serving and with it making 24 its fine if a couple going missing, the chef should always get to eat a bake good warm out the oven!

Loved these brownies, the recipe book and getting to do some quick and easy piping so this is something I will definitely repeat in the future.

Let me know if you give it a go!

Thanks for Reading xx

All my ingredients laid out! Getting started!!

Dr Oetker cupcake cases

Melting butter and chocolate in a Bain marie

Adding my orange zest to get chocolate and orange brownies

What the mixture looks like after adding sugar

Action flour shot!

You can see how smooth its gotten this is the last egg!

Chocolate chips!!!!

Finished batter

It easily made 24 cupcakes

Where the white chocolate has melted and swirled 

Adding a little zest into the butter icing

Halfway through mixing in my icing sugar

Adding orange juice to get the icing light

Just out the oven

Piping ready!

Chef share with some whipped cream because they were too hot for icing

All Done!


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