What I Wore … 26th April 2014

 I have to be honest I had already forgotten about the new jeans I got from Asos but I spied them this Saturday tucked away on my shelves and decided it was just the right weather for their first outing. I wore them with a thin Diesel sweater which I thought I was never going to wear again and had moved off to my wardrobe of ‘why did I buy this???’ items but it was actually really comfy and was perfect for the windy but sunny weather and totally went with the jeans and boots so I’m glad I keep things in that wardrobe instead of throwing them, I might have to venture back in again sometime soon. I also had on a basic vest from Asos which I am still loving and my New Look suede boots.

For hair and makeup I went with the colourful Show off lipstick from Topshop and just washed my hair and let it dry on the walk to the tube.

Thanks for Reading xx


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