Run Run Running!!!

I have finally forced myself to go running on my own! I have been saying for weeks that I will go for a run when I’m at mine because I still live at home and a couple of years ago my parents got a treadmill because of my dads cholesterol and he was pretty much the only one who used it but last night I got myself on there plugged my headphones in and tried to find some good running music, a bit tricky, and got moving!

I have learnt one thing from the experience and that is to never ever eat a whole dinner and then run an hour later I had a stitch the whole time! It was not cool! But it did show me that I can preserve not matter how hard and hopeless it feels at the start. I managed 20 minutes running after a 5 minutes quick walking warm up and then I rewarded myself with a long hot shower! Well done me!

Anyone else lack a bit of motivation when it comes to running?

Thanks for Reading xx


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