A Whole New World

This Monday after many, many weeks of persuasion I finally gave in and went swimming on my lunch break. 

I didn’t want to for ages because my swim costs £5.25 (the locker takes my 20p!) and so I always feel like I should get my moneys worth and spend a long time in there but it seems to magically and significantly cut down my evening which I find very annoying. You barely get home before you have to be in bed! I also never though I could actually manage it in time what with blow drying and putting makeup back on etc. I was 7 minutes late back but for my health I think everyone at work will let that go... fingers crossed! 

I did 30 minutes swimming of four lengths breast stroke then two lengths front crawl, another thing I have been forced into, and so I was actually able to keep track of how many lengths I did, drum roll …… 50!!!!! I forgot how hard front crawl was, it was not enjoyable but I’m hoping to be quicker next time and do 56 lengths or at the very least 52. I think this maybe a serious lifestyle change. Swimming lunch breaks are a hit!

Any one else hit the gym at lunch or are superhuman and go before work?

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