What I Wore … 9th May 2014

It’s back again! I’m glad I warned you. My COS stripy jumper!!! Worn with my Forever 21 patterned trousers. I keep meaning to do an online shop at Forever 21 but never getting round to it, I think I’ll sit myself down this weekend and crack on. They have so many nice holiday pieces and I have a holiday in a month!! I’ve also got on a vee tee from Zara with leather look cap sleeves and my New Look suede boots because I got a new heath app called Argus, it tracks your steps through your phone and I’m trying to do 6,000 today so I wanted comfy shoes. Does anyone make 10,000 steps a day without purposefully going on a walk to get steps? If so I want to meet you! I don’t care where in the world you are I’m coming! Oh and my necklace it from Urban Outfitters.

For hair and makeup I did a backwards French plait down the middle of my head put on mascara and Rimmel with Kate Moss red lipstick using my real techniques brush. I’m a little bored with my lipsticks now I think I’m going to head to Topshop for another sometime soon.

Thanks for Reading xx


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