Weights Update

So we have finally found the reason for my appalling squat technique, my calves are too tight!

We were watching Sunday Brunch and they had on a guy who has developed a new exercise class called animal flow, a lot like capoeira each move led on to the next and it focused on using your own body weight to work you out. Anyway it looked good and they got the presenters to do a couple moves and I wanted to join in at home so I went to do the first move which was a crouch with your feet pointing forward, flat on the ground and your bum nearly touching your heels and I fell flat on my bum when I tried to do it! I just could not keep my feet flat as soon as my bum came down I would either pop my heels up or topple over! My boyfriend stood behind me and gave me step by step instructions on how to do it and then had to support me so I didn't fall again, hilarious…

So after many laughs and topples we worked out that it was my calves that were the problem we even did photo comparisons! When I do a squat my legs are pretty much a right angle because that is literally how far I can push my knees forward, they just don’t go any further. Not so for my boyfriend he can get to about 45. So I googled it and found a really good website, apparently its quite a common problem as we sit down so much for our work and it can cause problems all the way up to your lower back and hips. Now I stretch my calves whenever I'm on the stairs, it’s been 3 days and I'm doing weights again tomorrow so we shall see how quickly it improves.

Give the crouch a go! Its on the website I found and let me know if you have trouble too.

Thanks for Reading xx


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