Another Day, Another Runner

We are totally in the groove now. I don’t have to be dragged out the house to go running anymore and we are like super fast and recover much quicker than we did before! I am seriously impressed at how quickly you can improve your running once you get into a habit. I told my dad our time for 2.82km (13.35 minutes) and he was really impressed and I am too now because I did a treadmill run and only managed 2.57km in 20 minutes??? So I guess we know who the motivational runner is in the relationship, no wonder I'm dying when I get back on Saturdays!

It was such a lovely day last Saturday too we managed to run when there was sunshine I totally didn't need my hoody. Really regretted having such a big bowl of cereal for breakfast I think I have learnt my lesson to have small meals before exercise it is not worth the stitch and extra dead weight!

Oh and don't forget to stretch after exercise only, before actually hinders you - it has been proven!

Anyone else get active this weekend?

Thanks for Reading xx

Stretching my calves on the curb

One of the classics!


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