Birthday Brownies and Pistachio Ice Cream

When we went to Bumpkin my boyfriend got served his brownies and ice cream in a Kilner jar and he was amazed, he has that make at home and he kept joking that he would bring in his massive one and ask them to fill ‘er up so for his birthday I thought I would provide the brownie and ice cream and a massive Kilner jar.

The original! Bumpkin dessert, sooooo tasty

For the brownies I made one following the hummingbird recipe I used before just adding in chopped pecans as a little extra. 

The other I went off piste…

I used milk chocolate instead of dark (don’t think I’ll make that swap again there is too much oil in the milk chocolate so the oil separated out from the mixture like in my carrot cake and freaked me out again, I had to send up a little prayer to the Bake Gods) 

I then made up a batch of cookie dough using our favourite recipe from BBC good food. I got my tray dotted around the cookie dough and poured over a cascade of brownie mix and stuck it in the oven. 

Adding a little extra milk to soften it up
It took a lot longer because it was about double the size but I didn’t need to turn the temperature down I just kept checking it with a tooth pick and it took about 25 minutes longer. It was really interesting how it turned out all the brownie sunk and formed a bottom layer and the cookie dough cover the whole top layer very tasty though!

For the pistachio ice cream I followed this recipe from BBC, of course. I put in all the pistachios instead of saving some and I tried to used my ice cream maker, it’s the one were you put the base into the freezer but I think it was a little too much for it to handle and I should have done it in batches. Instead I put the mixture into a container and stuck it in the freezer till it was solid and volia ice cream!

I actually had to give him this feast a day after his birthday because we ate so much on the day and he did refrain from eating a whole massive Kilner jar of supped up calories and went with a bowl instead as we have a holiday coming up and I got a big thank you kiss.. and then a bowl of brownie and ice cream!!!

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