First Swim Back

I have taken my time getting back into the pool but the day finally came and I weNt for it and was pleasantly surprised! I managed 57 compared to my last record of 60 but that's not too bad and I definitely feel like my front crawl has gotten better and best of all nearly everyone cleared out of my lane 5 minutes after I got there so I just had two people left to dodge! I love it!
I also asked about a swim only membership, which they offer and because they are part of the Better Gyms I can swim in any of their pools too including Crystal Place lido, which I never even new existed! 

I have to also mention a tip I got given by my hairdresser before I went away on holiday to get some leave in conditioner, mine is V05 and to use that before and after swimming and also when you are out in the sun a lot on holiday. Its great and it totally stops my hair crackling once its dry and it makes it so much easier to brush! 

How has you swimming been going, seeing improvements?

Thanks for Reading xx


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