What I Wore… 27th June 2014

Today I’m going out for drinks in the evening with some long lost friends! They have finally come back from travelling and we have organised a drinks night out. So for this special occasion and because it has decided it won’t actually rain I have gone with my red dress from Zara, my H&M blazer and New Look boots and I am loving this outfit! Tough boots and a cool dress is my kind of fashion, I feel so confident in this and am soooo looking forward to an evening out!

For hair and makeup I tried to do a waterfall plait after having seen a youtube video how-to but my hair hasn’t got enough texture, it keeps slipping out so I’ve ended up with a paltry plait! I’ll have to try another time when I haven’t just washed my hair the night before. I’ve put on gel eyeliner and mascara and still have on my Topshop nail varnish after a little touch up last night.

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